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Remy Cooper

Besides my work as a recording artist, I offer a wide range of services to help bring your music to the next level. From recording and mixing, to mastering and post-production, I have the skills and experience to take your project from concept to completion.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Remy Cooper, I’m a music producer, writer, and composer. I have worked with and been supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Watermät, Sam Feldt, and Martin Jensen. I have released on labels such as Armada Music, Found Frequencies, and Soave Records. In 2018, I created an official remix for Lost Frequencies.

My music has been streamed tens of millions of times, and I focus on the craft of creating captivating dance tracks that resonate with audiences around the world. In addition to creating my own music, I also frequently write and produce for various (upcoming) artists, using my expertise in electronic and pop music to help them achieve their vision.

My vision goes beyond the realm of electronic and pop music. I have scored for the prestigious Metropol Orchestra and in addition to my work for artists, I also worked as an audio lead and music producer at a game development startup, where I used my skills to create immersive and engaging audio experiences.


My Stages In A Project

Step One.


Effective communication is key, so let’s start with a call to pinpoint your specific problem and needs for your project. Before getting creative, we’ll need to create a plan of action to ensure we stay on budget and meet deadlines. This planning phase is crucial for the success of your project.

In this phase, we set the musical and creative expectations by explaining your vision and listening to reference tracks.

Step Two.


After the planning phase, We’ll begin the creative work. Depending on the project, I will start with a first draft and send it to you for review. I value frequent communication to ensure we are always on the same page and to avoid any surprises. Together, we will finalise the project through back-and-forth communication. On some tasks, I may work independently on the project, while in others we may hold an (online) session for optimal productivity.

Step Three.


After both parties agree that the song is completed, the final phase will begin. Upon receiving the final payment, I will deliver the agreed-upon final files of the song via WeTransfer. If desired, we can schedule a call to discuss any additional needs or services such as a complete release schedule, private lessons on how to secure label deals, or how to monetize your music.


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