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Sculpting Artistic Visions Into Music That Resonates.

Specialized music production services for dedicated Dance and Pop artists. Together, we'll transform your creative ideas into impactful tracks, ensuring the highest quality for your music.

Remy Cooper

About Me

Hey, I'm Remy Cooper. My journey in music has led me to work with inspiring artists, and contribute to various record labels. My passion lies in crafting Dance Pop tracks that connect with people globally and in collaborating with other artists to develop their songs and musical ideas. I love chasing the right groove, crafting the irresistible hook, designing warm sounds, and creating the melody that you can't seem to shake off.


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The Process

1 1

Phase 1


It all starts with clear communication, understanding references, and building a sound palette. This collaborative approach sparks ideas and crafts a distinctive sound.

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Phase 2

Demo Creation

Next, it's all about experimenting with direction. A small part of the arrangement will be layed out in this phase, including most fundamental elements.

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Phase 3


Here, we'll do various (online) sessions to work on the finer details. It's this phase that really gives body to the creative ideas. It's a process of constant communication.

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Phase 4


This final phase involves mixing and mastering. When every detail is locked in place, it's time to listen with a fresh set of ears to the mix. This phase makes it commercially viable and ready for your audience.

Transforming Your Musical Vision into Reality Can Be Overwhelming

Struggling to manage and finish a project, taking tough decisions, and unlocking new opportunities in a competitive industry are common challenges. With unique taste and industry experience, these artistic ideas can be turned into resonating masterpieces.

Let's bridge the gap between vision and reality, together.


Prices are excluding additional VAT.

Writing Sessions

Please note that I'm offering a limited number of free writing sessions. This usually does not include the full music production production.

For Established Songwriters/Artists

Publisher Briefing Pitches

Writing Camps

No Initial Fee, Shared Rights Only

Music Production

Prices vary per project. The fee is usually based on an advance on the master royalties. Let's schedule a call so I can make a personalized proposal.

For Growing & Established Artists

Includes All The Process Phases

Additional Services Available

Limited projects


Prices: 65,- for Mastering // 150,- stem mastering // 350,- for mixing // 400,- for mixing and mastering.
Includes 2 revisions.

For Artists That Need A Second Pair Of Ears & Technical Guidance

Mixing & (Stem-) Mastering


Keep All Your Rights

If you're not finding what you're looking for in my listed services; don't worry. There's other ways for me to get involved.
Click here for One-on-One coaching and here for detailed track feedback.

Case Studies

Lost Frequencies Remix

Metropole Orchestra

Goals & Vision

You're Just One song away...

For some, the dream is to go full time. For others, it's signing with a label or getting more gigs. I've had the pleasure of seeing some of my clients reach their goals and grow their music passion into a full-time career. Their music is now able to touch large audiences with their vision and craftsmanship.

My own vision is to create music that makes a great cultural impact. Imagine leaving a mark so strong on people's lives that your music becomes nostalgic for them.


While you retain ownership of your music, I typically request a small share of the master royalties to keep my prices competitive and incentivize success. However, if I'm solely providing engineering services, you keep 100% of the master. Copyright is usually shared equally between all writers.

Your input is really important. I guide the production process but ultimately, you have the final say. I do offer advice to ensure the project aligns with your vision.

I'm flexible and can adapt to your preferred communication style. Whether it's through email, phone calls, video meetings, or in-person sessions. I also utilize digital tools to streamline communication and planning.

Absolutely! I think an initial meeting to discuss your project, goals, and vision is essential to a good collaboration. This call allows us to determine if we're the right fit for your project and if our creative visions align.
For engineering services, it's less common to have a video meeting beforehand as we can prepare the direction well via email or WhatsApp. If you're still interested in doing a quick video call before getting started; that's definitely possible!

Open communication is key. By addressing potential disagreements in advance, we can find mutually beneficial solutions that align with your vision.

I provide two official revisions per phase, with quick, unofficial revision sessions to maintain momentum. Clear communication ensures efficient progress. My typical turnaround time for revisions and feedback depends on the scope of the changes and will be discussed with you in advance.
For engineering work, revisions are typically more straightforward as there are usually just two revisions.

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project and your specific needs. I aim for efficient turnaround times while maintaining high-quality standards. I'll provide you with an estimated timeline during our initial discussions.
I do think completing music projects is crucial for career progression. Therefore, I emphasize excellence and progress over perfection, setting deadlines to maintain momentum and encourage productivity.

In general, I'd like to advice my clients into the right direction after finishing a song. I'm definitely open for some questions to help you achieve the goals you have in mind with the songs. If you really want to go in depth, we can book some coaching sessions to dive deep into a specific topic and personalize the topics discussed based on your needs.

My prices typically cover producer/engineer services. Additional fees may apply for hiring singers, session musicians, or booking external studios.

I occasionally offer discounts or additional free sessions to returning clients. Let's ensure our collaboration is a match before committing to a larger project.

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